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Shay Kostabi

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Inspiring Strength and Grace Through Music & Movement

Need help planning your workouts? Receive a curated personal workout calendar developed by Shay Kostabi for optimal results.
No more ambient music or synthesized tunes. Listen to popular music playlists customized for every workout to keep you motivated and moving.
Early bird or night owl, iPad or Smart TV -- Stream your workouts on any screen, anytime, anywhere.

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About Shay Kostabi

Originally a dancer, Shay’s teaching method combines her natural rhythm and athleticism. Her workouts are filled with creative, dynamic movement with challenging, functional exercises, designed to cultivate both strength and grace. Shay is a bi-coastal fitness professional and personality, an ACE certified Movement Specialist, Master Trainer and Creative Director for ReXist360 training systems and instructor at Bespoke Cycling Studio in LA.

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