Why is my video skipping or buffering?

We often find that video issues such as these can be resolved one of three ways.

The first option is to click the "HD" icon on the video player. Change the setting from "auto" to a lower resolution. If the video is not already in "auto" mode, change the setting to "auto" as our video player will automatically choose the resolution version best suited to your internet speed.

The second option is to make changes to your internet browser. We recommend updating your software to make sure you have the latest release, or you can download the latest version of Google chrome if you don’t already have it.

Finally, the last option is to restart your computer which will clear existing unwanted or conflicting browser cache that may be causing the problem.

If none of these solutions work, go to the video page where you are experiencing trouble and click "send feedback". This will send us a report full of helpful information so that we can troubleshoot the problem more specifically.


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