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About Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp

Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp is a high intensity-interval-training program that consists of cardio training with intermittent muscle-building exercises. Not only will you be burning fat (you knew jumping on that trendy bacon-everything diet was a bad idea), but the intense cardio intervals with built-in strength training opportunities result in the unusually high calorie burn of at least 800 calories per hour. Even better, in the 24 to 48 hours post-workout, the after-burn effect ensures that you continue to burn fat. Conventional cardio programs burn muscle, not fat, and thus don’t provide the lasting results you’re looking for. Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp workouts stimulate all the right muscles and hormones to promote fat loss, lean muscle and improved energy. That is to say, your body is rewarding you for yesterday’s workout, even as you sit, debating on whether or not to come back for another session.

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